City Centre Transformation

An exceptional capital city centre that is for all, a space for people to live, work, visit and play - a place that is for the future, enriched by the legacy of the past. Over 3000 responses were submitted during this summer’s City Centre Transformation consultation, which have shaped the finalised strategy and delivery plan. These are included in the report (PDF 21mb) to the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee on 12 September 2019. You can also view and/or download the strategy document, programme delivery plan and summary.

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How will we deliver Edinburgh City Centre transformation strategy?

To find out how we'll deliver this, read the finalised strategy and delivery plan which are included in the report (PDF 21mb) to the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee on 12 September 2019. Alternatively, you can view the finalised strategy in as a PDF in an online viewer or download the chapters as PDF documents:

Read the programme delivery plan

View a summary of the strategy document as a PDF in an online viewer.

Why do we have to take action?

The case for change in Edinburgh city centre is social, economic and environmental:

  • a changing climate with the city’s target to be carbon neutral by 2030
  • rising health concerns from inactive lifestyles and poor air quality
  • a growing and ageing population, alongside high numbers of visitors
  • keeping the city centre as a liveable place for residents
  • making it easier to move around for older people, those with physical and sensory impairments and young children
  • supporting the economy and our outstanding heritage through sustainable travel and high quality public spaces.

What is the plan?

Edinburgh's City Centre Transformation is an ambitious plan for a vibrant and people-focused capital city centre which seeks to improve community, economic and cultural life. It outlines a programme to enhance public spaces to better support life in the city, by prioritising movement on foot, by bike and by public transport. Across the whole of the city centre, changes over the next ten years, will deliver:

  1. A walkable city centre with a pedestrian priority zone and a network of connected, high-quality, car-free streets
  2. High-quality streets and public spaces
  3. A connected network across the city centre of new segregated and safe cycle routes including the provision of a new walking and cycling bridge connecting the Old Town and the New Town
  4. Improved public transport journey times, a free city centre hopper bus and public transport interchanges making it easier to switch between rail, bus, tram, taxi, bike and walking routes
  5. An accessible city centre where people of all ages and abilities can explore with lifts, shop mobility and wayfinding
  6. A reallocation of space in the city centre through a significant reduction of on-street parking with greater priority given to residents and blue badge parking.

This transformation will align with the Council’s new Low Emission Zone, City Mobility Plan and City Plan 2030.