The following projects are already re-shaping our city centre.


George Street and First New Town

New plans are being prepared for George Street, Castle Street, Frederick Street and Hanover Street. The aim is to improve the pedestrian experience, prioritise sustainable travel, support businesses and create space for events.

The renewal of George Street will improve the quality of the environment in the New Town, strengthening links between the West End and the new St James quarter.

City Centre West-East Link

The City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) consists of footway, cycleway and street improvements from Roseburn to Leith Walk. It will provide a family-friendly cycle link from east to west across the city centre. Part of the project will run along George Street and new public space will be created in Melville Crescent.

Meadows to George Street: Streets for People

The Meadows to George Street project involves improving public space, walking and cycling provision between the Meadows and George St via the Mound and George IV Bridge. This will enhance the experience in several historic streets by creating safer, more attractive places to travel through and spend time in.

Picardy Place

Redevelopment of St James quarter is enabling improvements to Picardy Place in the east end of the city centre. This will improve pedestrian and cycling provision and form public space at the junction and in front of St Mary's Cathedral. It will provide new bus stops, access for taxis and tie in with any future extensions to the tram network.


The wayfinding project plans to make it easier for residents and visitors to explore the city. It will use digital, print and on-street maps which will be mounted on bus and tram shelters, and on information panels.  

The maps will guide people to key destinations, suggest journey times for travel on foot, by bike and public transport and provide information on accessible routes.